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What is circuit design?

Circuit design is the first step for every electronics design project. This requires the creation of a schematic diagram which defines how electronic components are logically connected on a printed circuit board (PCB). When the circuit design is complete, engineers can perform SPICE simulations or translate their schematic into PCB design software.

Circuit design techniques


    The creation of accurate electrical component symbols forms the foundation for a successful circuit design. Symbols provide all the parametric data needed to run accurate simulations, order manufacturable parts and provide connectivity on electronic circuits.


    Multi-sheet schematics help to manage and organise the complexity of advanced circuit designs. Multiple circuit designs can be hierarchically linked together with symbols to improve circuit readability and structure.


    SPICE simulation allows you to simulate and analyse the behaviour of a circuit design. Performing operating point, AC/DC sweep or transient analysis simulations identifies circuit performance issues without requiring a PCB prototype.

Workflow for electrical and mechanical design

ECAD to MCAD unification EAGLE + Fusion 360

Learn how to seamlessly share design changes and collaborate between mechanical and electrical workflows in the Fusion 360 unified platform. 

Free circuit design software

Download free version of Fusion 360

This free version for hobbyists and makers includes 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers and an 80 cm2 board area.

Free software for students and educators

We offer free circuit design software for students and educators around the world.

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Circuits on TinkerCAD

Circuits empowers you to bring your ideas to life with free, easy-to-use online tools.

  • Simulate and programme Arduino and breadboard components
  • Use standard modules to build complex circuits
  • Create and explore circuits, then export to PCB design software, such as Autodesk Fusion 360

Circuit design basics for electronics beginners

  • PCB layout basics

    The printed circuit board (PCB) layout brings your circuit design to life in its physical form. Learn more about the PCB layout process and how to design your own.

  • Schematic design basics

    The schematic design defines connectivity between your electrical component symbols. Learn more about the schematic design process and how to design your own.

  • SPICE simulation basics

    SPICE simulation allows you to analyse voltage and current performance in your circuit design. Learn more about SPICE and how to run your first SPICE simulation.

Circuit design resources

Learn how to design your next electronics PCB using Fusion 360