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Global parameters

Help embed design intent in a model by using project-wide parameters to drive dimension and element instance parameters with the new Global Parameters feature. Measure dimensions and calculate formulas to drive dimensions and parameter values in other elements in the project.

Global Parameters comprise two classes: driving parameters pushes its value into an element or instance parameter. A reporting parameter can pull a value from a dimension and use that value in other global parameters via equations.

Use equality dimensions to constrain any dimensions, including those that are non-adjacent. Associate global parameters with a type property for an element and with instance or type project parameters.

Automate the positioning of one element based on the size of another element. Use Global Parameters to capture formulaic relationships directly in a model.

  • Assign a global parameter to a group, move and sort global parameters within their assigned groups.
  • Filter a schedule by global parameter association to find all elements that have a global parameter association or are missing an association.
  • Transfer global parameters between projects.