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MEP engineering

What Revit users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Revit to help streamline their working processes.

DLB Associates: Innovation in engineering

DLB Associates is a technology-focused engineering firm that uses Revit and Building Design Suite Ultimate to enable clients to visualise projects, such as Google's data centres and Mecca's Grand Mosque, before they're built.

"BIM and project visualisations help us to convey technical aspects of our engineering designs to our clients and help them better understand those designs. This visual collaboration enables us to translate their needs into optimal solutions."
—Lee Kopsatfis, Director of AEC Services, DLB Associates

 DLB Associates customer story

Haskell Architects and Engineers, P.A.: High-precision design

Haskell Architects and Engineers, P.A., completed design on the Scripps Proton Therapy Centre, an innovative, $225-million facility in San Diego County, California.

"BIM helped us to visualise how to place the pipes and conduit with a high degree of precision. That is critical on complex buildings."
—Aryak Goswami, Mechanical Engineer, Haskell Architects and Engineers, P.A.

 Haskell Architects and Engineers customer story

Heapy Engineering: Save time and cost in HVAC system design

Ohio-based Heapy Engineering is nationally recognised for its leadership in sustainably based MEP and technology systems design. The firm worked on the $180 million Mercy West Hospital.

"With help from Revit, we were able to show how to build out the entire 250-room patient tower in a warehouse before the building would be topped out. They put in these pre-assembled corridor racks as they constructed the rest of the building and it saved months of construction time."
—Joe Ferdelman, Senior Principal and Leader of the Heath Care Group, Heapy Engineering

 Heapy Engineering customer story

Southland Industries: Driving fabrication from design

Southland Industries is one of the nation's largest building systems experts. In this video, employees explain how they use Revit and Fabrication software to drive the design, detailing, fabrication and installation of MEP systems.

"Fabrication bridges the gap between Revit and construction; it gives us the ability to take our design-build concept and enter into that single-model software delivery method that we want to be in and have wanted to be in for years."
—Jim Meacham, Senior Project Manager, Southland Industries

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