Finite element modelling and meshing in CAD

Autodesk® Nastran® In-CAD software provides efficient modelling abilities, such as model idealisation. Use the software's meshing features to analyse beam models and bolted connection design. 

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    Efficient modelling

  • Automatic midplane mesher New

    Now you can automatically idealise solid CAD parts as shell. This lets you reduce model size and provide more accurate results for thin parts.

  • Frame Generator idealisation New

    Open models that were created using Frame Generator in Autodesk Nastran In-CAD software. Select which members will be automatically idealised as beams and updated with material and cross-section information.

  • Beam modelling

    Represent a long, slender component with a very small number of elements instead of hundreds to thousands of solid elements. Cross-section or geometry optimisation is more accessible, thanks to the speed and improved accuracy these elements bring to appropriate models.

  • Bolt and connection

    Use automatic bolt connector modelling with preload to simplify common and complex fastening simulations. Include axial or torsional preload so that the assembled nature of a bolted machine or structure responds more naturally to active loads. Easily mesh models and run the solver for bolts and connections analyses.