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Simulate plastic injection moulding today

Your subscription to Moldflow® plastic injection moulding software lets you access the latest features, updates and workflows. Explore the newest features. Compare product releases.

What's new in Moldflow 2018

This release introduces new features and enhancements that expand our abilities, enhance solution accuracy and reduce time to solution.

  • Multi Barrel Injection Moulding

    Analyse and evaluate the use of multiple injection moulding barrels to fill your injection moulded part(s).
    (video: 1.21 min.)

  • Mesh to Solve in one click

    Improve your productivity by meshing and analysing your model in one click.

    (video: 1.29 min.)

  • Injection Moulding As-Manufactured Analysis

    Moldflow Insight Ultimate subscriptions now have access to Helius PFA.

    (video: 1.33 min.)

  • Injection Moulding and Compression-overmoulding

    Simulate a special overmoulding process with both injection moulding and compression moulding.

  • Pre-conditioning for Compression Moulding

    Improved simulation of the temperature distribution of the charge in the mould before compression begins.

  • API & Linux support for Design Optimisation

    New API calls and Linux support enabling Design Optimisations to be run by external applications.

  • And more

    There is more to learn about Moldflow 2018.

Moldflow 2017.3

  • Powder Injection Moulding

    Simulate your metal or ceramic injection moulding process.

  • Duplicating study improvement

    Enhanced so you can customise what to include when you duplicate studies.

  • Valve gate controller

    You can now see at a glance all settings of the valve gate controllers.

  • 3D residual stress model

    Get more accurate results for the shrinkage, warpage and moulded-in residual stress.

  • Automatic mesh sizing

    Assigns edge lengths and chord angles on CAD faces automatically.

  • CAD assemblies

    You can now copy and delete individual components within an assembly.

  • And so much more

    There is so much more to learn about Moldflow 2017.3

Moldflow 2017 R2

  • 3D Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

    Predict resin filling patterns around and through fibre mats.

  • Part optimisation studies

    Use design of experiments with model geometry parameter range values.

  • Direct geometry editing

    Explore part design improvements directly within Moldflow.

  • Wall Slip

    Include in your simulations to improve accuracy and predict surface defects.

  • 3D Fibre orientation model

    A number of changes have been made to improve the accuracy of the 3D fibre orientation calculations.

  • Thermocouple controlled cooling

    Specify a thermocouple controlled coolant inlet node on the cooling channels in the mould model.

  • And so much more

    There is so much more to learn about Moldflow 2017 R2.