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What Moldflow users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Moldflow plastic injection moulding simulation software.

FADO: Moulding expert saves times and money with Moldflow

FADO uses Moldflow to simulate optimal cooling designs to ensure part quality and reduce mould cycle times.

"Cycle time is money. This is particularly visible in the case of high-volume production, where reducing cycle times by a fraction of a second translates into viable profits.” - Jarosław Jaśkowiak, Marketing Director, FADO

Video (5.08 min.) (US site)

Honeywell Aerospace: Moving from metal to composites

To keep up in a competitive market, Honeywell Aerospace uses Moldflow to lightweight parts without sacrificing strength.

"This job was complex due to the fact that the part can not be modified structurally because that would affect its integrity. Reducing part warpage was an important aspect in order to keep precision within the limits to ensure a proper part assembly. To make a confident decision, a specialised tool like Autodesk Moldflow is a must." - Ramaiah Chowdary, Sr. Engineer, AERO AME-VE MECH ISC, Honeywell Aerospace

 Honeywell customer story

Rheomold: Accurate, optimised design

Providing analysis services for injection-moulded plastic parts, Rheomold offers Moldflow services to validate customers's product, mould design and their moulding process. The company provides specialised solutions for automotive applications, such as interiors, exteriors and power train plastic parts. 

“Moldflow effectively eliminates the use of trial and error by validating and optimising the design of plastic before production. This not only improves quality, but also helps us to guide our customers in the selection of machines and in production planning.” - Krishnamoorthy, Director, Rheomold

 Rheomold customer story

Minda Industries: Built to design

Minda Industries uses Moldflow to ensure an aesthetic switch without compromising on product strength.

“Using Simulation Moldflow, we get an accurate representation rather than an approximation. It is easy to verify problems and fix them in early development stage so that we get the right components in trial 1.” - Shrihari B. Rasal, Asst. Manager, Tool Design (Moldflow), Minda Industries

 Minda Industries customer story

forteq Group: Down to the last detail

Forteq uses Moldflow for product development because it helps identify specifications, such as the ideal injection point, materials and wall thickness, at an early state. Potential problems are detected in advance, long before the respective injection moulding tool is manufactured, saving time and money. 

“We have been using Simulation Moldflow for about ten years. Back then, it was the only sensible product on the market. Today, it is basically the standard tool for simulations.” - Beat Schiegg, Head of R&D, forteq Nidau AG

 forteq Group customer story

Automotive Lighting Reutlingen: Intuitive and reliable

Moldflow Insight provides Automotive Lighting Reutlingen with an intuitive user interface and generates reliable results.

“Using Simulation Moldflow Insight, we can reduce the number of trials, saving one or two iterations at a cost of €4,000 each. In total, we have approximately 50 projects each year.” - Roland Hölz, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Automotive Lighting Reutlingen

 Automotive Lighting Reutlingen customer story