Helius PFA process efficiency

Helius PFA software can increase the predictive ability of finite element analysis software without increasing solution time or difficulty. We developed Helius PFA to reduce the hurdles of composite structural analysis, and to assist with process efficiency. 

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    Process efficiency

  • Convergence and computational efficiency

    Gain the improved accuracy of a constituent-based composite failure method. Review an analysis of composite failure with the help of unique convergence technology, specifically designed for composite materials.

  • Simplified material input

    Access a pre-populated material library, or enter your own material information. The material library comes with composite lamina material properties fully characterised for simulations. A Composite Material Manager tool provides a convenient interface for creating new material files. Use standard strength and stiffness properties to characterise your own uni-directional or woven lamina to use in composite simulations.

  • Direct FEA integration

    Add Helius PFA to your finite element analysis (FEA) platform for advanced composite materials analysis. With quick conversion of legacy models, you can easily begin to improve accuracy and efficiency in composite simulation and progressive failure analysis. Integrate the software using an intuitive user interface with a simple extension to your existing FEA investment, including Abaqus, ANSYS and NASTRAN.