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Composite virtual reality: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre

Autodesk solutions help the NASA CoEx team save resources, and virtually explore new composite materials to help produce the largest composite aerospace structure ever made.

"The tools in Simulation Composite Analysis and Simulation Composite Design allowed us to 'think outside the box.' We were able to use the experimental data we had to predict performance of the composite material we needed."

— Terry Fan, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre

Woven composites take flight: Area-I

Area-I, an aircraft research and fabrication company researching materials for an innovative wing design, performs accurate, efficient analysis of complex woven composites with Simulation Composite Analysis software.

"With Simulation Composite Analysis, [we were able to] quickly and accurately predict the structural performance of our complex composite airframe manufactured from both unidirectional and woven composites while identifying several inconspicuous structural problem spots."

— Nicholas Alley, Chief Executive Officer, Area-I

 Area-I customer story