Tools for composite engineering

Streamline composite engineering and manufacturing processes with Helius Composite software. Use customisable libraries, analysis tool sets and reporting features to build, explore and analyse the behaviour of composite materials, laminates and simple structures.

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  • Bolted connections New

    Use the Bolted Connection dialogue box and its 3D visualisation tool to build and size bolted joints for multiple laminates. Understand failure mode and safety margins for the bolted connection. This helps you size laminates and determine bolt configurations, and helps to eliminate uncertainty during conceptual design.

  • Fabric Builder

    Create and analyse various composite fabrics with the Fabric Builder. Choose from different fabric types, weave orientations and customisable constituent materials. The tool determines fabric thickness, and uses micro-mechanics and selected failure criteria to calculate the resulting fabric strengths. Once you create a fabric, save it in the material database.

    Fabric types include:

    • Random continuous mat
    • Woven fabric
    • Stitched fabric
  • Spring-in calculator for laminates

    Calculate the spring-in or change in geometry to your laminate due to temperature and moisture changes. Predict laminate bending or warpage due to curing.

  • Material export to FEA

    After building a laminate, you can export it to your FEA package for further use. Select from Abaqus, ANSYS, NASTRAN, or Simulation Mechanical material file formats.

  • Customisable material library

    Use an extensive, customisable database of laminates, fibres, resins and core materials to build your sandwich panel. Add or create new materials with the New Item feature. Employ micro-mechanics to determine the properties of your ply, or Classical Laminate Theory, to calculate the properties of your laminate.

  • Laminate analysis tool set

    The Laminate module includes 9 composite laminate analysis features to help you to determine properties and performance. You can calculate and export laminate properties to finite element codes. Use a variety of top failure theories to plot your design spaces, and perform failure analysis using First Ply Failure or Progressive Failure.

  • Simple structure simulation

    Conduct structural analysis without FEA to quickly find more accurate solutions for de-formation, bending, vibration and compressive stability of laminate plates, sandwich panels, tubes, beams and pressure vessels. Once you define a laminate, simply specify the structure geometry, select from a menu of loading and boundary conditions, and apply your load to determine the laminate response.

  • Composite design utilities

    From building a composite fabric to optimising your laminate, the Utilities module provides helpful tools for composite engineering.

  • Composite engineering reporting

    Create accurate, professional reports of your design and analysis results. Export results to PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML file formats.