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Flame features for 3D visual effects

Flame® software provides tools for 3D compositing, visual effects and editorial finishing. Get the tools you need in an integrated, creative environment.

  • 3D compositing (Action)

    Flame, Flame Assist, Flare

    Combines the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects. Includes a WYSIWYG preview for artists in session. (video: 2.25 min.)

  • Node-based compositing (Batch)

    Flame, Flare

    Batch, a node-based procedural compositing environment, integrates with the timeline and desktop to combine 2D and 3D elements efficiently and iteratively. (video: 3:32 min.)

  • Editorial timeline

    Flame, Flame Assist

    Use the timeline to oversee projects, create consistent looks and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention. Includes scene detection. (video: 2.53 min.)

  • Conform

    Flame, Flame Assist

    Create multi-layer timelines faster. Use a large set of advanced conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area. (video: 1.10 min.)

  • Media management

    Flame, Flame Assist

    Support for additional formats and enhanced sharing and handling help you better manage your media. (video: 2.42 min.)

  • Matchbox API

    Flame, Flame Assist, Flare

    Use GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders to solve challenges in Action's 3D compositing environment. (video: 3.23 min.)

  • Action: Projection tracking

    Flame, Flare

    Turn a projection into an UV set for the geometry. (video: 2.06 min.)

  • Pybox


    Use a scriptable handler to process your images via external renderers. (video: 1.48 min.)

    Learn more

  • Connected Conform smart merge


    Merge new editorial cuts dynamically with work in progress shots late in a project. 

  • Modern colour management

    Flame, Flame Assist, Flare, Lustre

    Track colour space information on a per-clip basis, from source to screen. Includes the ability to lock exported colour policies. 

  • Python API


    Drive the Batch environment via scriptable commands.

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  • Batch Paint animation

    Flame, Flare

    Adjust strokes via a multifunction edit box, animate them or limit them with user-definable frame ranges. 

  • Batch Paint editing

    Flame, Flare

    Individually edit paint strokes in the Paint node to achieve a seamless look with 16-bit floating-point depth support. 

  • Connected Conform workflow

    Flame, Flame Assist

    A unified media management approach to share, sort and sync media across multiple sequences. 

  • GMask Tracer

    Flame, Flare

    Create sophisticated composites using a lightweight, spline-based shape tool with integrated chroma-keying tools.

  • New | Scopes: HDR waveform monitoring


    Enhanced signal monitoring for HDR and WCG ranges. Set viewport to Waveform, RGB Parade, a colour vectorscope, 3D Cube, or Histogram widgets. Colour space tagging informs the scopes view.

  • Planar tracking

    Flame, Flare

    Expertly and easily track perspective changes with the versatile, high-performing Planar Tracker.

  • Flame-Lustre workflow

    Flame, Lustre

    VFX toolset for colourists with a new level of integration. 

  • Shotgun integration

    Flame, Flame Assist, Flare

    Access the power of the Shotgun review and production tracking toolset. 

New in Flame 2019

  • Image Timeline FX and Batch node

    Flame, Flare

    Integrated collective toolset for colour, beauty work, production fix-it tasks or freeform creative distortions and treatments – on any Image.

  • Effects tab: Task-based environment


    The Effects tab lets you apply the shot-to-shot navigation principles of a colour grading tool using a wide array of effects.

  • MasterGrade: Creative Colour tool


    Provides 3 modes optimised for grading the 3 types of colour spaces: video, logarithmic and scene-linear. Colour space aware. Open industry standard for super looks.

  • Creative FX for the Image node


    A2Beauty and Washer Matchbox tools. Targeted at beauty work, clean up and noise reduction. Physical Glare, for creating lens artefacts and creative lens FX for look development.

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