Product usage information

We would like to use your product usage data to improve communications with you by making them personalised and more useful.

The information we look at is limited to overall workflows and usage of commands at a general level. For example, if you are using certain product abilities, like exporting to Fusion 360, we may communicate information on other features you may be interested in. In another example, if you have been using the product for many months, we will communicate advanced usage information rather than basic how-to information. We cannot (and will not) recreate your work product from this information. However, this information helps us to understand how you use our product and to select content for you to receive that we hope you will find more useful.

You can opt out from us using your product usage data in this way at any time by sending an email to or by changing your selection in the Preferences menu within Autodesk EAGLE.


Thanks for considering participation in Autodesk Desktop Analytics and Google Analytics.

To improve our products and understand how you use them, we collect non-personal product usage information. For this to be effective, we need to know what product you are using and whether you are a unique user. To do that, we collect the following data. We do not use this information to identify or contact you and we do not collect information in a way that allows us to reconstruct your work product or designs.

Autodesk Desktop Analytics collects the following information:
Unique user id This is not tied to a user profile; it's a unique identifier to help us to tell the difference between datasets.
Product id and product licence type This tells us what product is being used, for example, an Education version of AutoCAD. We also note what language you have selected for the product.
Serial number We collect your serial number to run it against our records to determine account type and industry. We then discard the serial number, and it is not used in our internal reporting.
Product launch and close time This allows us to calculate session length and to understand how often you use the product.
Geographic location This is derived from your IP address, based on which we determine your country. If you are in a large country, we may break this information down into general regions such as west, central and east, or north, central and south.
System information Basic information about your system - operating system and what graphics card you are using - helps us to decide what video cards and operation systems to support.
Stability information Information about whether a crash or unexpected close has occurred (but not the specific error details) allows us to gain a better understanding of the stability of the product.
File type, size and time spent editing This helps us troubleshoot our services. For example, by understanding bandwidth needs, we can provide better support to balance performance and functionalities.


Google Analytics collects the following information:
Command information This tells us the name of the command and the number of times a command is completed or cancelled.
Operating system This tells us which operating system you are using, including version number.
Location Google Analytics uses an algorithm that shields your full IP address. We use the limited IP address information to help determine your location.
Application This tells us the application name and build number.
Environment Information about your in-product environment (e.g. Sculpt, Model, etc.).
Entitlement This tells us your User Type and Subscription Level.
Streamer information Ditch: geographical information, streamer start and streamer end.