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Concept modelling to Class-A surfacing

Free student software (US site)

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Automotive modelling and Class-A surfacing

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Fast concept modelling

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Sketching, fast concept modelling and visualisation


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At a glance

  • Full automotive workflow from sketch to Class-A surfacing.
  • Create fast concept models and stunning visuals.
  • Includes Alias SpeedForm, VRED Design, SketchBook Pro and Maya.
  • Refine concept models into Class-A surfaces.
  • Create production-ready technical surfaces.
  • Transform 2D sketches to 3D design concepts.
  • Re-use concepts for downstream modelling.
  • Supports design process from sketch to concept models.
  • Explore, communicate and visualise design proposals.
  • Includes Alias Design, Alias SpeedForm and SketchBook Pro.

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Sketching and illustration tools

Dynamic shape modelling

Flexible product modelling

3D sculpting

Mesh-like modelling for 3D sculpting

Concept exploration

Controlled lines for concept design

Non-destructive detailing

Rendering and material management

Stitches and seams

Surface chain select tool

Automatic arrays of shapes

Mathematically precise surface creation

Flip view across x-axis

Freeform curve blend tool

Precision surface modelling

Scan data workflows

Multiblend tool

Multicurve profile input

VRED compatibility

Interactive product visualisation

Compelling photorealistic renderings

Convenient data exchange

Light ray effects and reflections

Shading in clay

Isophotes for surface flow

Surface evaluation