Makes a head start with Autodesk’s BIM Collaborate Pro

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It all began for Structcore Services in July 2020 in the construction management industry as a new-age service provider. Structcore engaged in projects across residential, industrial, commercial, schools, hospitality, libraries, etc.

With the early adoption of cloud-based solutions from Autodesk (BIM Collaborate Pro) Structcore Services, quite swiftly, progressed to establish itself as a construction estimate expert that remains customer-centric and is well-versed in providing cost estimates with precision on construction.

"Our integrity, experience, and ultimate dedication enable us deliver the most cost-effective solutions and estimates to our clients as we thoroughly understand the client’s budget and costing needs, to therefore give a clear picture of your project.”

— Dishant Desai, Director, Structcore Services

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We not only dream but do big stuff

Right from the beginning, Structcore Services got on to work on cost estimation of building construction projects including drywalls and ceilings – warehouse (ground plus five storeys) and hotel (multistorey project) – of large American clients.

While their team was using standalone software, there were always challenges on modelling, its verification, internal MEP clashes, communication lapses between design and execution teams, repeated iterations, loss of productivity, and so on. 

Amidst all the challenges that the pandemic presented, Structcore remained relentless in their pursuit. For overcoming such unwarranted challenges, an apt technology solution was required.

A much-needed fix to commons

There could be many quick-fix solutions that one could apply for fixing common challenges. But experience has shown, all those fixes are temporary. Especially, when stakes are as high as those in the construction business. One incorrect estimation and the whole project can go haywire thus leaving a bad experience for the contractor’s client.

Gladly so, doing detailed 3D models, material quantities, shop drawings, etc. were never this easy for Structcore. It not only helped them have more accuracy in their estimations but they were able to turn around high-quality and precise estimations in much lesser time. 

They became efficient in their cross-team coordination, seamless in communication which led to improved productivity.

Autodesk’s BIM Collaborate Pro, Revit, and AutoCAD provided all the right answers to commonly known problems of construction management. Structcore was amongst the first few new-age companies to adopt BIM Collaborate Pro, in spite of other software options that were available in the market.

"Who would have imagined such fast-paced coordination amongst design, operations, and on-site execution teams. AutoDesk software like BIM360 Collaborate Pro, Revit and AutoCAD were right up there backing us to reduce hurdles, especially those arising from the Work from Homestyle of working. The cloud-based platform made work-sharing easy, tracking progress or changes became simple and everything we could visualize in 3D modelling for execution.”

—  Saumil Mehta,  VDC Engineer, Structcore Services

The cloud competitive advantage

Being competitive is one thing but staying that way is altogether a different ball game. Gaining an edge over your competition is not only challenging and difficult but continuous. No service provider can simply afford to lose out on this advantage. Autodesk solutions – BIM Collaborate Pro, Revit, and AutoCAD – definitely provided a much-needed edge to Structcore.


  • Generating 3d project models that were used for overall vdc coordination and onsite execution
  • Managing rfis between the office and onsite teams
  • Identifying and managing MEP clashes
  • Visualizing the project in three-dimensional views for execution
  • Tracking progress of the project in real-time
  • Sharing work items in a cloud base environment
  • Managing multiple design documents including cad layouts and Revit models
  • Tracking changes made and comparing them to the published documents

"BIM Collaborate Pro, a cloud-based software, came to Structcore’s rescue. Not only did the software help teams operate in a shared environment but also brought in deep visibility. Teams, both onsite and in the office, were able to collaborate smoothly to optimize the use of construction material. All this helped cut down the material wastage by around 25 percent thereby improving project delivery”

Dishant Desai, Director, Structcore Services

A great boost to savings and productivity

Structcore closely observed its ongoing engagements to only realize that the onsite teams were unknowingly wasting a lot of material while executing the project. This substantial portion of waste was a sheer result of a lack of visibility on what was happening on-ground. Lack of communication in real-time made matters worse.

Structcore Services strives to be a go-to service provider in the construction industry. And to be so, Autodesk solutions will act as a pillar of strength; not only for cementing their presence in the US market but for entering new geographies as well.

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