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Lakshya Digital has emerged as the go-to name for gaming art services like 3D, 2D art, characterization, and animation. They have been using Autodesk designing and animation solutions like 3DSMax, Maya, Shotgrid and MudBox, extensively. These tools have helped simplifying complex processes like topology, meshing, high detail modeling, motion building and multi-layer texturing including that for printing. Autodesk’s MotionBuilder software – an all-purpose easy to use tool – have been widely used by Lakshya Digital for creating the next level artwork and imagery, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

Shotgrid has proven to be extremely efficient and time saving, especially with its scripting features that enabled automating manual tasks like quality and error checks. With Shotgrid and Maya at the helm, Lakshya’s developers witnessed an overall 75% increase in their efficacy.

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