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BIMgrafX is an Indian technology company, originated from Samhita Group established in 1997, and provides services in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries across the globe. The company has a team of 100+ professional Architects and Engineers with delivery offices in Dubai, UAE, Phoenix, Seattle USA, and Hyderabad, India.  The company has been providing solutions in project conception, design, construction, and operation phases, helping clients to achieve project efficiencies, cost reduction, and risk minimization.

BIMgrafX’s cross-industry expert team has to their credit several successful projects in the Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Luxury housing, Aviation, Industrial, and Healthcare industries. The company has a successful engagement history in projects ranging from medium-scale interior fit-outs to 6 million sq. ft. mega-scale building projects. Additionally, the company has an educational vertical called the BIMgrafX Academy which takes care of the BIM Implementation, training, content development for corporates, institutions, professionals, and students.

Autodesk Design & Construction software combines advanced technology with an easy-to-understand user interface. Our tech-savvy Architects and Engineers are helping our customers to visualize and deliver their design in a digital collaborative way. And the Autodesk support team has been much better in terms of availability and query resolutions.

Bhanu Gejjala, Founder | CEO | Principal Architect

Building Models with Autodesk Tools

BIMgrafX has been in the construction modelling space for over two decades and has engaged with almost every stage of the building construction value chain, commercial or residential: working with consultants from conceptual stage, helping contractors in construction, and supporting owners from concept to life cycle of the project. Autodesk tools and software have provided the necessary inputs for each of these stages. Working with BIM 360 has benefitted them in most scenarios and BIMgrafX has used it extensively to increase the team's productivity in successfully delivering the projects.

Palm Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Before and after BIM 360

The company used to face multiple challenges in its processes. Right from the information mismatches within the discipline to challenges in interlinking the data from a drawing to time and costs involved, the processes were often not well coordinated and often the Bill of Quantities (BOQs) were not accurate. Design awareness and visualizing the design intent were difficult. Coordination between other services and pre-construction models was tough and hampered the collaboration between various stakeholders at different stages of the building lifecycle.

Nakheel Mall, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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After adopting BIM 360, there have been dynamic changes across all processes and documentation. The pre-construction building models have been enriched with information and data, and there’s richness in design awareness along with the flexibility of visualization at any design stage. With BIM 360, the team could prepare well-coordinated and clash-free models. BOQs are now accurate, risk items could now be identified visually and handing over the deliveries could be improvised.

Adapting to the Cloud era

BIMgrafX has seen improved productivity across its global offices with ease of communication over the cloud platform. The common data environment (CDE) allows any team member from anywhere in the world to access data files thereby reducing transfer times and increasing productivity. In post-Covid times, where work-from-home has become a norm, cloud platform has changed the performance paradigms for better. Despite challenges in access to better internet bandwidths, the company has been able to adapt to the WFH mode through Microsoft Teams and BIM 360, and coordinating with team members through regular calls to understand and resolve issues, if any.

BIM: Advantage Building and Construction Industry

BIMgrafX believes that adopting BIM gives more clarity in design and resolves most problems in pre-construction stages itself and hence there is more effective resource utilisation at every stage. BIM helps incorporate the production information and ease out the construction issues by reducing the time taken to create and edit designs which results in increased collaboration between various stakeholders and better decision-making. Industries and government projects can leverage BIM to save cost and time throughout the project lifecycle.

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BIM does not allow us to just deliver fast but how accurate and efficient is the model that we are producing to our client. we are delivering the project much better clarity with resolved design and construction issues once all stake holders involved in project become matured in BIM Adoption, we definitely see a 10% reduction in Time. 

Kalyan C Gudla, Co-Founder | Director

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