Autodesk enables TechnoStruct to clock a 50% increase in revenue during pandemic

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TechnoStruct is a full-service mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) firm providing localized engineering, building information modelling (BIM), and virtual design construction (VDC) services to players across the construction spectrum.

An emerging name in the American design and construction technology space, TechnoStruct has been part of some of the most prestigious projects in the Northern California region, including the Apple Headquarters, SFO International Airport Extension, Transbay Transit Center, New Stanford Hospital, Ford Research, and Innovation Center, and Kaiser Permanente Medical Buildings, among others.

The company has a presence across seven states in the US and a BIM consulting team that supports its engineering team. TechnoStruct’s teams work on vertical and horizontal construction for residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Its clients are spread across sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, education, and corporate. The company works with several major American contractors such as Harrison Drywall, Redwood Electric Group, Emcore Group, Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, Bay City Mechanical, CH Reynolds, and DDL Plumbing, to name a few.

“When you have offices spread across various geographies, sharing files becomes a nuisance. It can be particularly tricky for us because what we do is getting built within a span of 24 to 48 hours. Previously, we used to have to upload files manually, which can be sometimes challenging if you have offices in places like India and Mexico where the internet can be sketchy at times. But since we use BIM Collaborate Pro, that’s not the case.”

Parth Makwana, Director-Projects at TechnoStruct

Stanford Hospital, Palo-Alto, CA

The journey of growth and technology

TechnoStruct was founded in 2001 as a single-member electrical engineering firm based in California. Five years later, the company added partners to become a full-service MEP engineering company.

Over the last 15 years, TechnoStruct has grown manifolds, including opening offices in India (2016) and Mexico (2019). Now, the TechnoStruct group is the only organization on the US West Coast that specializes in design engineering and also offers BIM services under the same banner with a successful track record of over 10 years.

Autodesk has been a part of this growth journey.

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus


BIM Collaborate Pro enables TechnoStruct’s 64 employees in India, 11 in Mexico, and over 30 spread across its several offices in the US to work together smoothly despite the geographic and time differences.

Besides eliminating the need to manually upload and download files from different locations, TechnoStruct realises that it’s more robust from a cyber security perspective as it reduces the reliance on physical servers.

Beating the Covid blues

At a time when businesses across the world were struggling with continuity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TechnoStruct managed to realize the full potential of BIM Collaborate Pro.

The company’s overall productivity improved by at least 30% even as its teams were working remotely—some from remote locations in India.

This productivity increase resulted in the company’s overall revenue increasing by at least 50% during the pandemic.

This was mainly because TechnoStruct’s internal teams and clients were able to coordinate smoothly. In fact, given the pandemic and the ease that BIM 360 offered, many stakeholders who had earlier been reluctant to technology became adopters.

In fact, TechnoStruct has started using Autodesk’s solutions much more than earlier. Now, the projects that did not need cross-collaboration between different geographies and were executed within one team have also been put on the BIM 360 cloud so employees can access them remotely.

“Now you can have multiple coordination meetings and resolve things faster because you are on the cloud. All the stakeholders don’t need to understand modelling, but on BIM 360, they can slowly navigate their way around. Working on BIM 360 is so smooth that now people don’t want to come back to the office,”

Roy Aniruddha, Founder-Director & Business Head.

A happier and healthier workforce

While the company’s overall productivity improved, it also noticed a remarkable enhancement in the happiness and wellbeing of its employees.

The employee satisfaction level at TechnoStruct improved to at least 35% during the pandemic as the staff could smoothly execute their work while being in the safety of their homes using BIM Collaborate Pro.

In addition, there has been an improvement in business continuity at TechnoStruct as its employees—who frequently work in the morning, evening, and night shifts—took fewer sick days as they had access to home-cooked meals and the comfort to remain safely indoors.

““People often don’t take into account the benefit of the employee wellbeing factor. But in our industry, it's of optimal importance. To us, 99% of our staff is critical,”

Roy Aniruddha,, Founder-Director & Business Head.

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