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Image courtesy of Simple Energy

The Future of the Automotive Industry is Electric Vehicles

The EV market has so far been slow due to a lack of high-quality products and experience, coupled with a lack of environmental planning and infrastructure for which electric vehicles need to be funded. However, with technological advancement and subsequent cost improvement, the EV market will inevitably increase confidence among consumers due to the variety of options available.

"Alias played a crucial role in the decision-making process. It has been a pleasure incorporating the Autodesk alias in the workflow since it allowed us to approach the project as creatively as possible while keeping in mind the overall practicality of things. A lot of design decisions were taken directly in the modelling phase and incorporated with ease without us having to go to and from one team to the other to get validation"

Kiran N Poojary, CTO, Simple Energy

Photo courtesy of Simple Energy

About Simple Energy

Bangalore-based EV start-up Simple Energy which was incorporated in September 2019, has been working towards developing an Indian brand of electric vehicles which can compete with the existing IC engine scooters in terms of performance added with smarter features. Simple Energy e-scooter, Simple One has a claimed range of 203KM in eco mode and 236KM in IDC, top speed of 105KMPH and 0-80% battery recharge in 60 minutes (fast charger).

Simple Energy specializes in the manufacture of smart electric two-wheelers. They are a team of EV enthusiasts, designers, engineers, and problem-solvers coming together to make smart, supercharging, and affordable two-wheelers.

Photo courtesy of Simple Energy

Overcoming Design Challenges

The Bengaluru-based startup builds electric two-wheelers from scratch. Right from its surface design, chassis design, and battery development, to motor development, the company puts together comprehensive in-house, Made-in-India products. However, the journey hasn’t been without its set of challenges.

Traditionally, the automotive design process goes through the stages of product design starting from concept sketching, physical modelling, Reverse-engineering the physical model, visualization and physical and digital prototyping, using different software and different methods in each phase, which often takes a lot of time.

Photo courtesy of Simple Energy

“Alias, with its modelling capabilities saved a huge amount of time. It gave us the confidence to skip the clay modelling process which is one of the major stages in the traditional design workflow. And with Subdivision modelling, it was faster and easier to iterate on the design forms and control Highlights.”

“Profile blend enabled the concept design phase to go smoothly without wasting any extra time on the crucial design phase. Reference manager streamlined the exchange of solid data to and from vendors and cross internal teams for better project management.”

Kiran N Poojary, CTO, Simple Energy

Faster & Realistic 3D Modelling

Autodesk’s solution has helped Simple energy in speeding their entire design workflow. Simple Energy used ALIAS Surface to build realistic-looking 3D models from product sketches. Alias has helped them in saving an ample amount of time by eliminating the physical/clay modelling process from their workflow and gave confidence for proceeding to develop production-level surface data.

Autodesk Alias enables faster time to market as the interface is simple, hence the time taken to create the concept model is way lesser compared to other tools. The overall file size is not heavy which makes it easy to share within teams and open in less configuration systems. Alias has the best Import/export modules, which makes file handling way simple for the designers.  It also supports reverse engineering enabling our team to quickly go from mesh data received from vendors/ suppliers to high-quality Class-A surfaces ready for engineering detail design.

Photo courtesy of Simple Energy

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