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Moldflow Insight vs. Moldflow Adviser

Compare Moldflow injection moulding simulation products: Moldflow Adviser and Moldflow Insight.

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Integrated with CAD platforms. Customise design rules and share results.

Quick manufacturability advice for your plastic part designs.

3D mesh support and design advice for runner systems and cavity layouts.

Directional feedback for standard injection part, mould and process designs.

Definitive results for polymer flow, mould cooling and part warpage.

At a glance

  • Analyse manufacturability of your design
  • Evaluate the presence of air traps and weld lines
  • 3D analysis for parts with varying thickness
  • Includes Moldflow Adviser Premium, plus:
  • Mould filling, packing and cooling guidance
  • Causes of warpage
  • Fibre orientation
  • Runner balancing and cavity layout
  • In-depth simulation of plastic injection moulding
  • Polymer flow, mould cooling and part warpage prediction
  • Meshing and process parameter controls
  • Includes Moldflow Insight Standard, plus:
  • Simultaneous solving capacity
  • Advanced mould heating and cooling processes
  • Process optimisation
  • Includes Moldflow Insight Premium, plus:
  • Simulation for specialised moulding processes
  • Optical performance prediction

Simultaneous local solving (max)    






Cloud solving    

Dual Domain™ technology    

3D simulations    


CAD solid models    



Command Line API Compatibility    

User Interface API Compatibility    

Solver API Compatibility    

Design advice    

Design adviser    

Results adviser    

Cost adviser    



Fibre orientation    

Sink marks and weld lines    

Moulding window    

Venting analysis    

Crystallisation analysis    

Gate location    

Cold and hot runners    

Design of experiments (DOE)    


Transient mould cooling or heating    

Conformal cooling    

Rapid temperature cycling    

Induction heating    

Heating elements    


Insert overmoulding    

In-mould label    

Two-shot sequential overmoulding    

Core shift    

Wire sweep, paddle shift    

Thermoplastic injection moulding    

Gas-assisted injection moulding    

Injection compression moulding    

Co-injection moulding    

Bi-injection moulding    

Chemical Blowing Agent (CBA)    

Microcellular injection moulding    

Microcellular injection moulding with core back    


Structural reaction injection moulding (SRIM)    

Powder injection moulding

Resin transfer moulding (RTM)    

Rubber, liquid silicone injection moulding    

Multiple-barrel reactive moulding    

Reaction injection moulding    

Microchip encapsulation    

Underfill encapsulation    

Compression moulding    

Multiple-barrel thermoplastics injection moulding

Thermoplastic materials    

Thermoset materials    

Moulding machines    

Coolant materials    

Mould materials    

Helius PFA (Advanced Material Exchange)    

Simulation Mechanical (FEA)    

Autodesk Nastran (FEA)    

Abaqus (FEA)    



CODE V (Birefringence)    

VRED (defect visualisation)    

Showcase (defect visualisation)    

CADdoctor for Autodesk Simulation