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Generative design technology is now available at your school!

Unleash endless possibilities with generative design

Inspire students to create innovative, high-performing engineering solutions from a single idea and make impossible designs possible.

What is generative design?

Generative design in Autodesk Fusion 360 generates high-performing design and engineering solutions with optimized geometry and solves complex engineering problems such as:

  • Consolidating parts by reducing the overall number of components;
  • Reducing the weight of parts and components by using the least amount of material to make the element as effective as possible;
  • Increasing performance by designing stronger parts and components.

Generative design provides students with multiple design options, editable CAD geometry, and the ability to influence designs with various manufacturing methods. With generative design, there is no single solution; there are multiple great solutions. It’s up to the student to choose what best fits their needs.

See what students have accomplished with generative design

  • Student receives post-graduation job offer

    While a university student, Ariel Jeong got an opportunity to work on an exciting project between Autodesk and Volkswagen using generative design. Her experience on this project advanced into a job at another leading automotive company immediately after graduation.

  • Student wins a competition and gets a job

    South China University of Technology student Zhen-Po Yang was challenged to improve the performance of a critical stabilizer mount for the RoboMaster Competition. Using generative design, his solution resulted in a competition win and a job offer!

  • Student uses generative design at Airbus

    While an intern at the Airbus Research department, student Sergei Zimbelmann used generative design to develop a hydrogen-driven Octocopter drone. See why companies like Airbus value working with students who have experience with generative design.

Curriculum for the classroom

Introduce students to generative design

Want to integrate generative design into existing curriculum? We've created a resource to help you. In this course, you’ll set up, generate, and explore generative design outcomes and post-process generative designs. You’ll explore the basics of Fusion 360 assemblies and geometry creation with a focus on obstacle geometry. You'll set up a generative design study and develop knowledge of advanced T-spline tools to post-process a generative output.

More Resources

Self-paced courses in generative design

Get started with generative design and learn how to set up, generate, and explore design outcomes in self-paced courses. Each course includes videos, step-by-step tutorials, and downloadable 3D models to help you learn at your own pace.

Generative design specialization

You’ll learn the foundations of product innovation and generative design while developing your skills in Fusion 360. By completing this specialization, you’ll unlock an Autodesk Credential which comes with a digital badge and certificate.

Three easy steps to get started with generative design

Generative design is part of Autodesk Fusion 360 and can only be accessed by users with a valid educational license (free for students and educators). To get the license, create a Fusion account using your education email address. Existing users with a non-education email can update it in "My Profile" in Fusion 360.

2. SIGN IN into fusion 360 WITH YOUR school EMAIL

Download and sign-in into Fusion 360 with a valid school domain email (e.g. ""). If you already have an account with a non-education email address, change it in "My Profile" section in the top right corner of the Fusion 360.


To start using generative design, simply launch Fusion 360 and sing-in with your school domain email. You will find "generative design" in the workspace switcher; this is where all the tools are located.