Autodesk Technology Day

Thank you for registering for the technology day.

Date/Time: 16th Dec |2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

We are excited to host an exclusive Autodesk Technology Day for your organisation.
In this Technology Day, we will cover:

  • Integrated Product Development with CAD, CAM, CAE and other tools coming together to
    • Build seamless association between 2D and 3D Design
    • Accelerate Product Development with Design Automation
    • Improve Product performance with Upfront Simulation
    • Collaborate more efficiently

  • Improve Engineering Productivity with an effective Data Management Strategy.Witness how to better Manage, Access and Secure Data to ensure
    • Controlling engineering processes
    • Capturing and reusing engineering knowledge
    • Securing IP
    • Improving productivity
    • Facilitating collaboration
    • Supporting a distributed team

Come join us by registering on the link.