Transforming manufacturing education

The path to train the Industry 4.0 workforce

Read how educators are changing the way they build their curricula and adapt their instruction to teach in-demand, Industry 4.0 skills in order to prepare students for the modern industry.

Education for tomorrow’s modern workforce

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) led a multiphase research project that revealed a misalignment between education programs and manufacturing-industry workforce needs.

Just as the manufacturing transition to Industry 4.0 is underway, there is also an educational transformation effort underway to reduce the “time to talent” with modular, hands-on teaching methods that prepare students with the skills for Industry 4.0 manufacturing careers in less time than traditional methods.

In this e-book you will:

  • learn Industry 4.0 skill requirements
  • understand how educational institutions have introduced new programs to prepare their students for the modern workforce
  • chart a stepwise approach to define, develop, and teach the new skills needed 

What are the steps for educational institutions to update their programs that give students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Industry 4.0 workforce? Download this e-book to find out.