Ready your students for the age of automation

Advances in digital technologies are changing the nature of jobs in the manufacturing industry. Discover the effects that automation will have on the labor force, and how both students and faculty can prepare today for the future of work.

Seize opportunities as automation accelerates

Automation is having an impact across industries throughout the world. In addition, COVID-19 has triggered an acceleration in automation and has greatly changed the way people work. With 60% of the global workforce represented in APAC, educators need to understand how automation will affect industries, including manufacturing, and what workforce development efforts can help the students to adapt.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Which countries and industries are the most impacted
  • The degrees of various countries’ preparedness for technological and automation transformations
  • How countries are deploying various industry workforce development and education programs to develop an adaptive, resilient, and diverse future workforce

What interventions to improve students’ preparedness for automation can be scaled and adapted to different circumstances across APAC? Read this Deloitte report and find out.


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Schedule a guest lecture for your class on the evolution of design and manufacturing

Let an industry expert share with your students manufacturing and engineering trends and innovation. At no cost to you, an Autodesk Certified Instructor will speak to:

  • Which workforce skills are most in demand, today and in the future
  • How students can differentiate themselves from other job applicants
  • What the daily life of someone in D&M looks like

So take a break from lesson planning and stir excitement in your students by exposing them to innovations and trends that are going to impact their future careers.