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During AU 2021, we brought together educators from around the world to explore new ways of teaching, imagining, and creating. Watch sessions on demand and learn ways to prepare a new generation for the future of work.

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In sessions and events planned specifically for educators, learn alongside your peers as you discover and share ways to help prepare a new generation for the future of work. In order to watch on demand the following events, you must be registered for AU and logged in.

Panel: Upskilling and reskilling the next-gen engineers and designers

Friday, October 8, 2021
10:00–11:00 AM IST

The panel features leading industry experts and academic influencers, in the fields of technology, design, and manufacturing, to highlight the importance of upskilling and reskilling the next-gen engineers and designers. Our panelists share insights on how digital revolution is rapidly transforming the future of work. The advent of online technology, such as assistive learning, allows course designers (both academic and industry professionals) to incorporate new pedagogy directly in the education learning experience. The panel discusses why now more than ever, educators need to stress the importance of skill enhancement for students to ensure career readiness and success in the rapidly changing Design & Manufacturing (D&M) world.


Dr. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe


All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),
New Delhi

Dr. Shankar Venugopal

Vice President,

Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai

Dr. Praveen Nahar


National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad

Mr. B. V. Sudharshan

Deputy Managing Director,

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Bangalore

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Additional AU Sessions for Educators

In addition to the panels and keynotes, below is a curated list of classes that you will find valuable. In order to watch the following sessions on demand, you must be registered for AU and logged in.

Key sessions not to miss

  • Mentor / mentee’s exciting journey of design thinking using Fusion 360

    Discover the techniques needed to reduce costs while making more sustainable products with social impact and better material and efficiency using Fusion 360.

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  • New approach to teaching Engineering Drawing to engineering students

    New method for engineering faculty and students, which can be used by AICTE in their faculty development programs for engineering and polytechnic faculty.

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  • Design optimization of aircraft landing gear using Generative Design

    Learn how Generative Design (GD) can be used to make lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient landing gear, and test it for the aerospace industry.

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  • Conceptual design of personalized electric flying vehicle​

    Through this student project, we will learn how to design a compact, personalized electric flying vehicle with maximum safety features, test its reliability with airflow simulations, and finally develop a 3D-printed prototype.

  • Design and fabrication of CFRP wheel rim integrated with Generative Design wheel centre

    Optimize the design of a carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) rim integrated with wheel centre, designed using Generative Design, to make a lightweight, well integrated and serviceable wheel assembly.

  • Electric disaster rescue vehicle​

    In this project, we will explain the development of a feasible novel design of an electric vehicle for disaster rescue management, which can be a breakthrough and mitigate all types of disasters.

General Fusion 360 sessions

  • Fusion 360 form tool and surface modeling

    Does the form tool and surface modeling in Fusion make you a little uncomfortable? Over the years, I have learned to leverage the form tools. Let me show you my process and combination of these different tool worlds.

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  • Fusion 360: design and manufacturing roadmap

    Join us for this session to hear from the Fusion 360 product development organization on what's coming in the area of Design and Manufacturing and participate in feedback about this product development.

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  • Fusion 360 multi-user assembly design collaboration

    This demonstration will show how team members can work simultaneously and remotely on a distributed assembly while avoiding design conflicts.

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  • Joints in Fusion 360 - a guide to assembly position and motion

    Fusion is not like other CAD tools when it comes to positioning components in an assembly. It uses Joints to both position components and describe their motion. This class will help you to make sense of Joints in Fusion 360.

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  • New workflows in the transportation design process - a new way to design

    The Transportation Design program at the University of Cincinnati created of the Future Mobility Center. This class will describe how the space was developed, and a series of examples of projects that have come out of it.

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  • Smart design of mechanical components and PCBs in a seamless workflow

    Inventor is Autodesk's top tool for mechanical design, while Fusion 360 has a great tool for PCB design. In this session you will learn how to set up a seamless workflow for mechanical and electrical design.

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  • Lights, camera, render! - Take your Fusion 360 rendering to the next level

    We will look at workflows that address building custom materials and setting up environments, as well as adding small details such as layer lines on 3D prints and concept arrows to make your renders more realistic.

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  • A look behind the curtain of the new Fusion injection molding

    During this class you will get a first impression of what the new Fusion Injection Moldflow is about. This new application in Fusion 360 is developed from the ground up, and with a few new innovative concepts and ideas.

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  • Fusion 360 data ownership & Fusion Team configuration

    This class will explain why and how business owners or IT managers can make sure they have control over their companies’ intellectual property.

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Teaching & Collaboration in Fusion 360

  • Remote learning adaptation

    In this class, learn how to make use of Fusion 360 and its collaborative capabilities to the advantage of educators being able to reach students on the respective subjects remotely, eliminating the need for in-person engagements.

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  • Dual Education 4.0 in Germany with Fusion 360

    Due to increasing digitalization, training companies are faced with the challenge of preparing their trainees for Industry 4.0. The full integration of Fusion 360 in MLS makes it possible to present a holistic learning process.

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  • Teaching with Fusion 360 during the pandemic

    This talk will discuss how Fusion 360 became an essential tool for teaching online and how it enabled us at the University of Warwick to continue to deliver high quality teaching in the School of Engineering.

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Fusion 360 Generative Design

  • A practical guide for Generative Design in product and industrial design

    Generative Design is a tool that requires technical knowledge that doesn’t necessarily align with how designers work. We will explore four key strategies for integrating generative design into product and industrial design.

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  • Generative Design in Fusion 360: another year older, another year better

    In this session, attendees will get a look at how Generative Design in Fusion 360 software can help them improve the way they design and make engineering decisions. We will review the development progress and look into the future.

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  • Extreme Optimization: An Adventure with Generative Design for Fusion 360

    This class will walk you through the design journey for an electric skateboard, beginning with a customized off-the-shelf part, then iterating through a generatively designed, 3-axis, CNC-machined version, and a 5-axis, CNC-machined version.

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Fusion 360 Simulation and Digital Twin

  • Introduction to simulation for industrial designers

    Learn why and how you should be exploiting Simulation in Fusion 360. Design and validation tools will assist you to collaborate with engineers more effectively, and will also help you to carry a design to production with less changes.

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  • Become a Fusion simulation expert in 60 minutes

    Fusion Simulation software offers a rich set of analysis types to simulate real-world problems. Whether it’s simple static stress, optimizing a shape to reduce weight, or simulating a bird hitting an airplane, it’s all there.

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  • Getting started with simulation in Fusion 360

    This class will take you through the basic steps of a Static Stress Simulation, showing you how to set up a Simulation, what all the options are for, and how the results can be analyzed and used to influence future design decisions.

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  • Dig deeper into data with Forge and Digital Twins

    In this session, you’ll hear from three companies that are using Autodesk Forge to power their Digital Twins. They will talk you through why they needed to create a Digital Twin, and how they achieved it using Forge.

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Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

  • Using part consolidation to optimize parts for additive manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing has capabilities to create unique and efficient designs. We will focus on the reasons and use cases to apply part consolidation as well as general design practices to successfully optimize a part using part consolidation.

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  • Investing in Nesting - Fusion 360's Nesting and Fabrication extension

    Nesting is increasing manufacturing efficiency by minimizing material waste, shortened machine cycle times and reducing production costs. Make a sound investment by implementing Fusion 360 Nesting into your production workflow.

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Construction Sessions

  • Connecting the dots with point clouds, the AEC collection & BIM 360/ACC

    You will learn ways you can utilize point clouds in an efficient and effective manner by extracting only the relevant information for your design, and then share your point cloud information by publishing to an ACS or BIM 360 project.

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  • Optimizing your business around Industrialized Construction

    In this session, Autodesk's top thought leaders in Industrialized Construction and some of their innovative customers will talk about how to successfully shift a business to align with these new developing industry trends.

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  • Learning Industrialized Construction from experts in industry and academia

    In this panel, we will engage in highlighting the current status and developing a roadmap where stakeholders can work to enable graduates with knowledge of interdisciplinary skills required to embrace Industrialized Construction fully.

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