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Plastic injection and compression mould simulation

Engineers and analysts use Moldflow® plastics injection moulding simulation software to improve plastic part designs, injection mould designs and manufacturing processes.

Which Moldflow product is right for you?

Moldflow Adviser

Plastic simulation tools for engineers and analysts. Optimise part and mould designs to ensure moulded part quality and manufacturability.

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Moldflow Insight

A complete set of advanced plastics engineering simulation tools for analysts. Simulate the most advanced moulding processes to avoid production delays.

What's new

Part optimisation studies

Use automated design of experiments, including model geometry parameters, to determine the best design using cloud or local solving.

Direct geometry editing

Explore part design improvements directly within Moldflow - without having to involve designers to optimise wall thicknesses or feature positions.

3D Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

Predict the resin-filling pattern for RTM and areas where resin did not impregnate the fibre mat to determine product quality.

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Moulding expert saves time and money with Moldflow

See how FADO uses Moldflow to simulate optimal cooling designs to ensure part quality and reduce mould cycle times.

“Cycle time is money. This is particularly visible in the case of high-volume production, where reducing cycle times by a fraction of a second translates into viable profits.” - Jarosław Jaśkowiak, Marketing Director, FADO

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Expert advice and learning

Industry solutions

Reduce mould cycle time

Cooling methods, part and mould designs and machine parameters can all help you to increase profitability.

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Automotive lightweighting

Realise the benefits that advanced materials, from plastics to composites, offer for automotive lightweighting. Reduce mass without sacrificing function.