Plastic injection moulding tools for simulation

Designers, engineers and analysts use Moldflow® plastic injection moulding simulation software to improve plastic part designs, injection mould designs and manufacturing processes.

Video: Moldflow overview

Overview video

Moldflow helps you to answer critical design questions before they get expensive. Evaluate more possibilities and use results you can trust to optimise designs.

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Moldflow features

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Video: Detect surface defects through particle traces

Usability improvements

Improved surface mesh modifications, synchronisation of clipping planes and more.

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Video: Use SimStudio Tools to create, repair and modify mould designs

Cloud analyses for all

Run large analyses in the cloud without taxing your local server capacity.

Video: Simulate the thermoplastics injection moulding process

MuCell core back

Improve the quality of foam structures with foam injection and core back moulding.

Video: Use Moldflow Flex to solve in the cloud or locally

Flexible cloud solving options

Solve locally or in the cloud with flexible solving options.


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