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GPS surveying tools for faster processing

View AutoCAD® Civil 3D® images of surveying, data collection and mapping features. GPS surveying and data collection tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D can help you to update your processes for improved project delivery.

GPS survey & data collection

  • New

    Traverse Editor (enhanced)

    Use COGO input and tools to change traverse data.

  • New

    Traverse Adjustment (enhanced)

    Apply an adjustment method to traverse data.

  • Data access and exchange

    Read, write and convert data between formats.

  • Surface modelling

    Use tools for dynamic surface creation.

  • Base map creation

    Streamlined GPS mapping and surveying workflows.

  • Reality capture

    Use point clouds to digitise as-built features.

  • Point clouds

    Use and display point cloud data. (video: 4.39 min.)

  • Surface creation from point cloud data

    Create Triangulation surfaces from point cloud data. (video: 7.10 min.)

  • Exclusionary catchments

    Modify catchment boundaries and flow paths. (video: 3 min.)

  • IFC import and export

    Import and export AutoCAD solids to IFC files. (video: 2 min.)