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3ds Max 2015 vs. previous versions

Compare the features of 3ds Max 2015 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software with previous versions. The latest release offers new point cloud support, an accelerated viewport, new scene management tools, ActiveShade enhancements, a visual shader editor, and Python scripting.

3ds Max 2015 3ds Max 2014 3ds Max 2013 3ds Max 2012
3D animation
Populate crowd animation
Populate enhancements
Character animation and rigging tools
General animation tools
Animated deformers
Track View retiming
3D modeling and texturing
Point Cloud support
Placement tools
Quad chamfer
Mesh and surface modeling
Texture assignment and editing
Shading and material design
Vector map support
3D rendering
Enhanced ActiveShade rendering
Accelerated viewport performance
Stereo Camera
Integrated rendering options
Render pass system
ActiveShade interactive rendering
Nitrous accelerated graphics core
DX 11 viewport rendering
Slate compositing editor
Dynamics and effects
Particle Flow
mParticles and Particle Flow enhancements
mCloth cloth simulation
mRigids rigid-body dynamics
Hair and fur
UI, workflow, and pipeline
Python scripting
Enhanced scene management
Configurable user interface
Perspective Match
2D pan and zoom
Adobe After Effects interoperability
Data transfer and pipeline integration
Compositing integration
Collaborative workflows with Containers