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Extramarks creating animated learning solutions for schools and students

Founded by Mr. Atul Kulshrestha, Extramarks is a new age digital education company that provides 360o education support to schools and students. Providing an engaging, child-centric, teaching-learning environment in the classroom, it has empowered teachers with the latest education pedagogy. It offers the same learning solutions to students through internet and hand held devices (tablets) to be used after the school hours through Smart Study Pack and Smart Study App. Its layered pedagogy focuses on logical and hierarchical understanding of concepts starting from basic to complex level for senior students and game based thematic learning for junior students.

In a short span of about six years, Extramarks products and services have become extremely popular in India, Middle East, South Africa and East Asian Countries with more than 8000+ schools and more than 9.1 million independent learners benefitting from them. Extramarks is the first company in the country to adopt collaborative and social learning through internet in its after school study support program. Here’s a peek into some of the projects executed by Extramarks across the education spectrum.

Locomotion - Frog, Dragon Fly, Fish, Cockroach, Snail

Image courtesy: Extramarks - Locomotion

Locomotion may refer to specific types of movements. Here we are studying the different types of motions associated with all the different animals, Insects & humans, etc.Due to the non availability of related reference material (of internal features) of Cockroach, Dragonfly, snail etc, a lot of effort was required in understanding the limbs, internal organs, muscles, textures, rig attributes etc.

Through such solutions, the aim is to create vivid educational animations, which is an effective way to create focal points, illustrate complex procedures, and help learners visualize the change. And Extramarks has gotten a tremendous response from its clients and student for this.

Internal Structure of Skin

Image courtesy: Extramarks - Locomotion

Skin forms the basic cover of the human body. Have you ever wondered what constitutes its internal structure? Get a sneak peek into a cut section of human skin depicting different layers of skin along with other layers, cells, glands & blood vessels.

The major challenge in creating 3D structure of skin lied in visualizing the skin layers, texture and the minute components found in it. All these components were modeled carefully due to the micro level detailing with tight close up shots. The animation was then blended with appropriate voiceover to provide an in-depth explanation of the skin’s structure.


Image courtesy: Extramarks - JULIUS CAESAR

Image courtesy: Extramarks - JULIUS CAESAR

Julius Caesar, a political play by William Shakespeare is set around the 45 BC. The production included a thorough study of the Roman architecture, authentic costumes that rightly brought out the shades of the protagonists and antagonists and many other visual details. Most of the scenes required interaction among many characters gathered at one location. One of the most crucial scenes of the play, where more than ten men stab Julius Caesar , was quite challenging to visualize & animate for the studio.

Evolution of Earth

Image courtesy: Extramarks - Evolution of Earth

Image courtesy: Extramarks - Evolution of Earth

In the given scene, the daunting task was to recreate the evolution of Earth, billions of years back .It required making 90% of the animation in 3D with dense forests, large animals (9 different species of Dinosaurs & other creatures), volcanic eruptions etc. depicting the age of dinosaurs. The quantity of mesh was huge but we successfully & strategically managed to overcome the hurdle.


Image courtesy: Extramarks - JUNIOR SECTION

A rhyme traditionally has a connection with every child and it is the first stepping-stone in every child's learning and mental development curve. Extramarks specializes in creating rich, colorful, simple and entertaining animated rhymes. Rhymes are the most fun projects while in the production cycle to work on, as they demand out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to concepts & characters development.

Image courtesy: Extramarks - JUNIOR SECTION

Extramarks’ library of models for junior animations has a vast range of characters from normal human creatures/scientific models, from a real farmhouse set to imaginary candy land.

Apart from these, Extramarks has been instrumental in mitigating burden of school bags through its bag less education campaign. Extramarks technology has successfully outdated the prevalent learning methods by developing technology-enabled platforms that leave a stronger imprint on the young minds.

Talking about Extramarks production pipeline Sukhvinder Singh, AGM and Head - Animations at Extramarks says, "We are using Autodesk Maya as our primary software to produce best possible animation results as it is simply one of the best, more robust, and most versatile software available. It is a complete software package with new inclusions in every edition upgrade to enhance the productivity and quality like addition of Bifrost, XGen or improvement of Viewport 2.0 and crisp UI. Working on industry’s leading software like Autodesk Maya makes us more competitive and keeps us up to date in the e-learning industry.”

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