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Digital Art creates immersive Virtual Reality experience for real estate

Takes virtual walkthroughs to another level with Autodesk 3ds Max & Oculus Rift

Imagine yourself shopping for a property and dying to know what it would look like, feel like. It is a huge investment on the cards and you are just not able to visualize the property as it is promised in the various promotional pitches. Addressing this need is the Digital Art Studio in Pune, one of the pioneers in the architectural visualization space, with immersive experiential technologies.

Image courtesy of Digital Art Pvt. Ltd.

A game-changing campaign

Digital Art Studio has recently created a unique virtual reality experience for their client, S R Kulkarni Developers, who are in the business of creating luxury abodes for the discerning buyer, for their K52 project. K52 is prestigious upmarket living abode in Pune and within the same; the 12th floor terrace has very special and exclusive offerings in terms of layout, design and facilities; it provides a very unique rooftop experience. With a stunning 360 degree view of the Pune skyline, the abode is made extra special with a waterfall, swimming pool, barbeque spot, a kids’ zone and so on.

Needless to add, it would attract only the most discerning and exclusive of potential buyers and the sample tasting of this unique rooftop facility needed to be spectacular and special for such a niche audience. The brief from the advertising agency to Digital Art was clear; to devise a solution that will help prospects experience all that K52 had to offer in all its glory.

"As an agency, we are always trying to introduce new and innovative techniques/services to our clients, so that their customers gain a better understanding of the product offered. An experience is the most powerful medium of communication. Therefore, we knew that a high-quality Virtual Reality experience would fit in seamlessly with the product, and instantly click with the customers. That's exactly what we got with this project," says Rugwed Deshpande from Setu Advertising Pvt. Ltd., the agency on the project.

And Digital Art with an over 20 year footprint in creating innovative and ground-breaking architectural presentation solutions was given the mandate to deliver something stunning and intensely experiential for the highly discriminatory prospects. While the traditional solution was to create a 3d walkthrough, the team at Digital Art decided to play with the latest in virtual immersive technologies and gamification concepts to load the walkthrough on to the Oculus Rift technology and make it interactive. The result has been pure magic.

Image courtesy of Digital Art Pvt. Ltd.

The 3ds Max Value

Ajay Parge, Managing Director of Digital Art is a hard-core 3ds Max loyalist. He has been using the software for over 20 years and is familiar with its every nuance. He feels the 3ds Max facilitates his work with architects and architectural design immensely. It is a great enabler in real time design as he could sit down with the architect and develop skeletal and final versions in an interactive mode with any hardly any time gaps between conceptualization, visualization and development.

All the images for the K52 project were created on 3ds Max, the only additional images being the actual Pune skyline shots. Ajay says that in a project of this kind, attention to detail is critical. Droplets of water on a leaf, spilled water on the deck, the lighting hues, the leaves rustling in the wind, the sound of water in the waterfall – everything needed to be presented as integrally as possible. Any small creative shortfall could get highlighted and expanded in the end game.

"We wanted to give the visitors at K52, a high-end residential property at Pune's most popular suburb, a detailed understanding of the rooftop experience in a unique way. So, we created a Virtual Reality experience for them to browse through it all. We have received much appreciation for the high quality innovation, which the Virtual Reality presentation provided to the users. We hope to keep utilizing this effective medium in other projects as well," says Devdatta Kulkarni, Partner, S R Kulkarni Developers, Pune.

Given the success of this campaign, Ajay is brimming with enthusiasm for new possibilities. He reminds us that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has grandiose plans to present the rich heritage of India and its various monuments, epics etc. in a creative fashion to the global tourist as well as the Indian population. He wants to bring our rich legacy alive.

Image courtesy of Digital Art Pvt. Ltd.

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